7 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Website Hosting Company

7 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Website Hosting Company

Consider this important statistic: 87% of senior living prospects will visit a community website before they pick up the phone, attend an event, or schedule a tour. Your website is your virtual front door!  

A topperforming website will attract, engage, and convert anonymous website visitors into prospects by using multiple conversion tools (e.g., content, forms, landing pages, surveys, chat, interactive floor plans, pop-ups, banners, and marketing automation). 

If you put the work into your website, make sure you OWN it. Because older, closed, and proprietary platforms will limit your ability to own your strategy, decisions, and results

Here are the warning signs that it might be time to change your website hosting company: 

1. The website will be hosted on a proprietary CMS (content management system).

This means that the digital agency will own the license and, therefore, your brand. You’ll basically be a captive of the agency since there won’t be a way to simply “move” the site from one vendor to another. You’ll need to completely rebuild the site at a cost of many thousands of dollars.

2. They don’t have an open API because they don’t want their clients to integrate with solutions other than their own.

Controlling integration on the website means providers will have to buy packaged solutions owned by the agency rather than allowing clients to choose their own integrations and tools.

3. Automated lead response emails are signed by the website hosting company, not the community sales and marketing team.

The goal of marketing automation is to build rapport and trust with your brand, not with the hosting company’s brand!

4. Website designs are out-of-the-box with locked-down templates.

This means that providers will have to pay extra (and wait in line) for customizations.

5. The only people that can make changes to the website are employed by the digital agency.

Just, no! You and your team should be able to easily make changes on your own.

6. There is no written guarantee that the website content belongs to the senior living operator.

If there’s no written guarantee, then the digital agency could claim it as their content. This includes copy, images, videos, history, analytics, and reports.

7. There is a 12-month commitment, lengthy notice period, and/or or auto-renewal clause.

You should be able to take your business elsewhere whenever you want (or at least within a reasonable timeframe, like 30 days).

Sure, it can sound appealing to have an “all in one” solution, but the lower price point and so-called convenience are NOT worth it if you end up losing control of your site and brand. Not to mention that the lost lead-generation opportunities will cost you more in the long run.

Schedule a 30-minute brainstorming session ASAP!

Work with a digital agency that will RESPECT your brand—and your autonomy! Hint: That would be us!



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