What Senior Living Marketing Agencies Don’t Want You to Know

What Senior Living Marketing Agencies Don’t Want You to Know

You may think you’re paying the senior living marketing agency for “custom” campaigns, but in the end, it’s all the same: whatever they give you is simply another version of re-purposed designs.

Why? Because they can. Senior living marketing agencies have been doing it for decades, and richly rewarded during the process.

But here’s the good news: operators now have a better option: brand-on-demand technology.

Before we get into what brand-on-demand technology is, let’s quickly review design basics, copy, and collateral shelf life—and the inherent problems with each when it comes to senior living.

Design Basics

Regardless of the senior living marketing project—brochures, rack cards, pocket folders, sell sheets, post cards, flyers, or invitations—limitations exist within the design structure itself. You have only so many placement options for the image, headline, copy, CTA, date and time, and RSVP fields. Not to mention that only certain fonts work well for senior living branding (you need to avoid fonts that are too thin or too “scripty” because older eyes will have a harder time reading the copy). And let’s face it: everyone buys the same stock images.


There are only so many ways to describe the services, amenities, and programs that senior living communities offer. Sure, we can personalize the copy to add our branded names to the programs, but there are no new words. Don’t believe me? Mystery-shop all of your competitors and lay out all of their collaterals on the table (along with yours!) and you will see that it all looks the same and it all sounds the same.

Shelf life

The shelf life for most senior living collaterals is under 30 days (longer perhaps for Independent Living). Event collaterals and direct mail have a shelf life of under two weeks! These are the types of products that are best fulfilled with a brand-on-demand solution.

Brand-On-Demand Technology

Imagine taking all the marketing content that you’ve developed and paid for over the years and creating your own customizable library for your teams to access—and doing so without ever involving an agency again.

Users could select a project, customize image and font selections from an approved gallery, and add their details (like dates, times, CTAs, RSVP info, and so forth). They then see a proof instantly and either download or professionally print the piece. And it’s not just print pieces, either. Users could also create digital assets, such as email banners and Facebook posts.

THAT’S the power of brand-on-demand technology, and it’s something we’ve perfected for the senior living industry with Senior Living SMART Brand on Demand platforms.

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