Marketing Automation & Document Management for the Senior Living Industry

We designed SMARTHub, our marketing automation and document management solution, specifically for the senior living industry.

With so much information, documentation, policy updates, industry innovations, and marketing opportunities, wouldn’t it be nice to have ONE place to store and access everything with only a few clicks? As industry innovators, Senior Living SMART created a cloud-based solution to help providers streamline their documentation and automate their marketing programs.

We build it, brand it, organize it, and handle all of the administration (uploading the documents, managing user access and training) so that there’s no extra work for you.

SmartHUB marketing automation and document management

It’s simple, fast, and efficient.

This gives people peace of mind that they're getting the right policies and information, and there's no frustration related to searching for it.

A Happy SMARTHub User -

When you choose SMARTHub, you'll enjoy many benefits…

Marketing Automation Benefits:

  • Access branded event flyers, ads, direct mail campaigns, and collateral from one central hub. Every community can access branded content, allowing each community to customize content at no additional charge.
  • Easily maintain brand identity and create a platform to share successful campaigns across the organization.
  • Enjoy significant savings on graphic design and printing costs.
  • Significant savings on graphic design and printing costs.
  • Say goodbye to desktop publishing—you’ll have only professional and branded content.
  • Easily set spend limits to help manage marketing budgets.

Documentation Management Benefits:

  • Enjoy one centralized location for corporate documents (manuals, trainings, best practices, forms, documents, lease agreements, policy and procedures, job descriptions) and more.
  • Easily find what you’re looking for through keyword or category search.
  • Create user groups to allow controlled access to your content.
  • Know that content is always 100% current and approved so users will not accidentally grab an outdated document or have to search through numerous versions of the same form.
  • Access what you need from anywhere (that’s the beauty of our cloud-based system).
This solution is available if you’re a Senior Living SMART Corporate Member.
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