CRM Tips: Using Data to Predict Future Occupancy

Senior Living CRM Software: Using Data to Predict Future Occupancy

More and more communities are moving from paper based and manual systems of tracking prospect information and choosing senior living CRM software.

Why the shift? One word: Information.

Senior living CRMs unlock information that helps sales people see trends and identify opportunities to project future occupancy (among many other things). Essentially, the right senior living CRM will help sales staff abandon the “rearview mirror” way of thinking and adopt a “windshield view” of looking forward.

Rearview Mirror Sales Management

Have you ever been on an “occupancy call” where the regional director gathers all of the communities within the region to participate and report results?

The call usually focuses on all the activities of the previous week: number of new leads, tours, deposits, move-ins/outs, call outs, mail/email outs, home visits, sales calls, professional referrals, and events.

The problem with this approach? There’s no correlation between activities and results. Also, you can’t do anything with the old data. For example, if you’re only focusing on the lack of tours from last week, how does that help this week’s sales goals?

The rearview mirror approach is reactive. Instead of thinking about how to create strategies to improve performance this week, its focus is on what happened last week. And just as objects appear bigger in rearview mirrors, this approach tends to make a bigger deal out of poor sales than is necessary.

Windshield View Sales Management

The most productive calls spend less time on past activities. After all, this information is already in the senior living CRM. Everyone can review it prior to the call. Instead, the discussion can focus on the current sales pipeline. This is a better use of everyone’s time. Why? Because the pipeline provides an overview of prospects/leads and the likelihood of turning those leads into sales.

Remember, the number of scheduled tours, assessments, home visits, sales calls to professionals, and events are a better predictor of success. Your call with the team can then focus on effectively planning and executing the scheduled activities rather than re-hashing lost sales from last week.

The windshield view is proactive: what can the team do to turn the pipeline prospects into residents?

As you can imagine, the windshield view is much more empowering, much more popular, and much more effective.

Note: We’re not suggesting you shouldn’t learn from past activities and performance. But you don’t need to dedicate precious time to recapping and reviewing what’s already in a quality senior living CRM.

Senior Living CRM Tips: Use a Projection Report to Identify Opportunities

Take your CRM to the next level by using a projection report to help identify opportunities.

A projection report is a weekly representation of all of the key data points that drive occupancy, all in one place. It takes into account all of the actual move-ins/move-outs, scheduled ins and outs, and the sales pipeline, all of which can affect occupancy for the month.

We’ve created a template that automatically calculates by both resident and unit count. Download the Projection Report template.

Need help getting the most out of your senior living CRM software?

We have deep experience in senior living sales and marketing, particularly CRMs. Let’s talk about your needs.

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