Senior Living Sales Tips: What You Should Never Say to Prospects

Senior Living Sales And Marketing: What NOT To Say

The words we use in senior living sales and marketing matter. Here are some that make us cringe in particular (along with what to say instead):

Don’t Say This!Try This Instead
Them or TheyOur residents
Unit or RoomApartment or Suite
Facility, home, or centerCommunity or Residence
Alzheimer’s UnitMemory Care or Dementia Care Neighborhood
ADLsPersonal Care
Over There or Back ThereOur Memory Care Neighborhood
Seniors, Elders, ElderlyOlder Adults

More senior living sales and marketing jargon to be aware of . . .

Prisons, hospitals, and nursing homes are “facilities.” “Senior living” is a community of people living together and caring for and about one another.

Another way to express the senior living lifestyle is to say, “This is a residence for older adults.” It is not a center, and it is not their home. Think of other times when people lived in communal settings, such as summer camp, hostels, barracks, and college. Each represented a community, but none were home.

The most cringe worthy language involves explaining memory care. “We have a locked unit.” Honestly, who wants to think of their loved one as “locked up”? Try this instead: “Keeping residents safe and secure is a top priority in our Memory Care Neighborhood.”

Independent and assisted living is often referred to as “here” or “on this side,” and memory care is “over there” or “back there.” Don’t call it the “Alzheimer’s Unit.” Alzheimer’s is only one of many forms of dementia, and to many people, it is the most frightening. Substitute “memory care” or “dementia care” instead.

Need help choosing the right words and messages for your senior living sales and marketing?

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