5 Quick Ways to Turn Around Low Lead Generation

1.) Increase Sales Calls To Professionals

  • Identify Your Top 10 Referral Accounts & 10 New Target Accounts
  • Pre-Call Planning is key to have effective, scheduled, and purposeful interactions rather than low quality drop by’s.
  • End every sales call with a scheduled next step to continue to build the relationship.

2.) Resident & Family Referral Reward Program

  • If you already have one in place, take it to the next level with improved incentives and improved promotion (make it a topic at every resident counsel meeting, celebrate successes, call families with good news, and reinforce that the best compliment is a referral!).
  • If you don’t have a program in place, create one today!  Word of mouth recommendations from families and friends remain the primary motivation for selecting a community – and it is the least expensive lead generation!

3.) Embrace the Internet

  • Organic leads will increase as you tweak your website to be a resource to families.  Review your website to understand the user experience and ensure that your site is easy to navigate and invites users to take action.
  • If you are not using lead generations/ referral agencies to generate leads (subscription, pay-per-lead or pay-per-move-in), you are missing out!  The best results come from companies that employ advisors to work directly with the families.
  • Use review sites to increase leads.  Prospects are drawn to communities with robust reviews (it is ok if not all are five star!), Reviews are out there about your community today, so it is important to monitor and respond to them – and post the best ones on your website!

4.) Increase Events

  • Monthly events for your lead base & Professional referral sources.
  • Create a buzz – send out “Save the Date” to create anticipation and be creative with your themes to keep people interested and intrigued.
  • You will increase your attendance if you follow up with personal phone calls and /or visits after sending the invitation.  Be proactive in getting RSVPs.
  • Execute well and follow up quickly to turn good will into good referrals!

5.) Direct Mail Campaigns & Advertising

  • If the well has run dry and you have mined your database completely, it may be time to generate new leads through purchasing qualified mailing lists that match you community demographics.
  • Well messaged advertising with a strong call to action is worth a try when looking to expand the radius of your market reach.

If you need more help, just reach out to Senior Living SMART!


4 replies
  1. Diane Castro
    Diane Castro says:

    Great article! One thing I didn't see on your list, that could be included as a part of advertising is social media. As a previous marketing director at senior communities turned social media pro for senior communities I have been highly successful with getting leads from social media for the assisted living communities that I am doing social media for…if you aren't utilizing social media marketing with your other advertising and marketing strategies, you are missing the boat. Thanks! Diane Castro

    • Marcia
      Marcia says:

      Thanks, Diane, for mentioning social media. I, too, began using social media last year and feel that social media provides a place for people to answer questions, get answers and help out each other. While some platforms work better for an older active community, each business may be attuned more to one over another. For me, FB and LI works best.

  2. Marcia
    Marcia says:

    Great tips that I haven't even thought about. A call-to-action after every step in a process reminds people to take a specific action. If we don't ask for the sale, we probably won't get one, and many people want us to ask to help them move forward. Thanks for a terrific step process!


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