Thanksgiving Marketing Campaigns

Thanksgiving Marketing Campaigns

The holidays are the ideal time to market your community! Seasonal decorations make a community sparkle and there is a lot of energy generated by special events and family visits. It is also a time when families visit and notice changes that precipitate interest in checking out senior living options while they are together. With planning, every community can increase inquiries and tours. Here are some ideas:

Nothing Says Thanksgiving Like a Homemade Pie!

A pie drop-off or pick-up works for busy professionals, prospects, and families. Create an order form (paper or online) with a selection of pie choices so everyone can choose their favorites and order via phone, fax, or email. The day before Thanksgiving, you either can deliver the pies or arrange a pick-up at the community. Brand the pie boxes with stickers featuring your community information and logo. This provides a creative follow-up opportunity for your leads as well as referral sources—and it shows off your culinary department!

Show Your Heart & Hospitality

There are seniors in every market who will be alone on Thanksgiving. This year, work with local elder law attorneys, trust officers, senior centers, senior agencies, guardians, and geriatric care managers and have them nominate some local seniors to come to your holiday dinner. “Adopting” some new friends for the holiday feels good, builds relationships with referral partners, and allows more seniors to experience a community living lifestyle. There is usually room available in the dining room since many residents go out with their families for the day.

Dash & Dine

For those who cannot get out for the holiday dinner, your team can prepare meals and make them available for pick-up or deliver the meals to the home or rehab facility. This is a great way to reconnect with prospects and previous respites and definitely bring a home cooked meal to all residents in a hospital, rehab, or skilled nursing facility.

Weekend Open Houses

Make it easy for families to stop by after shopping by hosting an Open House for one or two days over the holiday weekend. Tour volume is usually high over Thanksgiving weekend and can be increased by offering an opportunity to stop by without a scheduled appointment. Make sure there are holiday themed treats available and activities planned. You can offer wrapping services to entice weary shoppers to visit or host a boutique craft event at the community with an interesting assortment of unique gifts. Have something fun to give out such as a great “leftovers” recipe!

Send Thanksgiving Cards Instead

This is a perfect time to give thanks to prospects, families, staff, and referral sources! The December holidays are so overwhelming that your card and thoughtfulness may get lost but a Thanksgiving card is less common and it will help you to stand out.

Remember the Warriors!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reach out to first responders from your local fire department, police department, and ambulance services. They are on duty 24/7 and would welcome a dinner, dessert, or special basket of goodies. It’s also a perfect time to stop by your ER/ED and urgent care centers. All of these community contacts know seniors who are home alone and those who would most benefit from a more supportive environment.

Thanks to all of you who have chosen to serve seniors!

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