Content Offer Ideas

Content Offer Ideas for Senior Living Marketing

Struggling to come up with compelling content offers for your community’s website? Listen, we get it: Creative ruts happen. But providing engaging content offers is super important, so don’t allow yourself and your team to wallow in that rut for too long. After all, awesome content can help convert anonymous web traffic into leads—and leads into move-ins. 

Here’s a quick-hitting list of content offer ideas to jumpstart your senior living marketing.

Content Offer Ideas That Educate

The all-important top of the funnel (TOFU) is the awareness stage, which is where many prospects begin their journey. It’s all about educating people and answering their questions (which can range from basic to more complex). Here are some content offer ideas that can satisfy both needs.

Consider developing an “All About” series for people to download.

You can create an ongoing feature that focuses “all about” the various aspects of your community. For example . . .

  • All About Our Senior Living Dining Room
  • All About Our Senior Living Dining Menus
  • All About Our Senior Living Amenities

By the way: All of those titles include competitive keyword phrases. Each article can be its own download, and content lengths can vary. Some might be only a couple of pages. Others (especially those requiring lots of visuals) might be longer and more brochure-like. You can promote them on appropriate pages of your website and your blog via enticing CTAs. You can also promote them on social media.

Create content offers around RELATED longtail keyword phrases. 

Communities tend to focus content around all aspects of “senior living.” But why not expand into other relevant terms that people search on, like retirement? 

For example, simply go to your favorite keyword tool and type in “What is it like to retire in . . .” (Florida, Texas, Massachusetts—you get the idea.) Or “Is [this state] a good place to retire.” See our screenshot below from SEMrush for an example of phrases that came up when we made Florida the focus of our search.

You can create a compelling download that answers the main question about whether Florida is a good place to retire. In it, you can highlight all the fun things that your residents do in and around your community, which can be a great way to introduce people to your community and your brand. 

(Remember, this is the education stage—the goal is to get your community on people’s radar. When they download, you’ll have their email so that you can continue to nurture them on their journey.)

Offer interactive surveys

Surveys can help people self-qualify. Our recommended go-to is Roobrik, which describes itself as a way to help older adults and their families make informed decisions about the future.

Create educational checklists

People love checklists because they are easy to skim and they can help people digest info. Some checklist ideas:

  • A Checklist for the Adult Daughter Helping Mom to Move
  • 10 Signs It’s Time to Move Into a Senior Living Community
  • A Checklist for Adult Children Researching Memory Care
  • Do You Qualify for the Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit: A Handy Checklist
  • A Checklist to Follow When Downsizing Your Home

Create a series of “what to look for” guides.

Here are some examples to get your juices flowing.

  • What to Look For in Senior Living Dining Programs 
  • What to Look For in Senior Living Amenities
  • What to Look For When Comparing Senior Living in Florida (or whatever your region/state)

Again, you’ll want to make sure you have a strong keyword focus for each guide.

Content Offer Ideas that Engage

While all of your content should be engaging, when it comes to the middle of the funnel (MOFU), people have either done their basic research or they’re coming to the table with existing knowledge. People in this stage are now considering their options. (This is also known as the “consideration” stage.)

Create easy-to-read comparison charts.

Create a comparison chart with your top five competitors. Make it super easy for people to skim and get the gist: That your community outranks your competitors in the areas that matter most.

Create case studies—lots of case studies. 

You can never have too many case studies. When building out a case study library, think of all the various scenarios you’ve heard about from residents. 

  • Maybe it’s the adult child who had a hard time convincing her parents to move in, but once they did, they were so happy. Write a story about it. 
  • Maybe it’s the veteran’s widow who never realized she qualified for the Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit, but after guidance from one of your wonderful sales reps, she discovered this source of tax-free income and was able to join your community. Write her story.
  • Maybe it’s a story about two widowed people who found love in your community. Share their story.

You get the idea. There are SO many stories—and we’re not simply talking about the more generic “here’s what it was like to make the move” stories. Focus on specifics. Even if that story only applies to a very small segment of qualified prospects, it could truly ENGAGE that prospect and help move them to the bottom of the funnel. Which is the whole point, right?

Content Offer Ideas That Motivate

Ah, we’ve reached the bottom of the funnel (BOFU). People are poised to make a decision (which is why this is also referred to as the “decision” stage.) The content you create for this stage should help motivate folks to choose your community.

Invite them to lunch.

Send an engaging invitation (via email or snail mail) and invite them to lunch. Entice them further by highlighting the menu and including a recipe card with the most popular dessert your chef makes. 

You could even make this offer last longer by sending them home with a branded doggie bag filled with leftovers or lunch/supper for the next day. 

Ask them to spend a weekend. 

Remember the days of touring colleges and how you could sometimes spend a whole weekend to get a feel for the school, its community, and all of its offerings? The same concept can work for senior living. 

If you host people for an entire weekend (and do everything that goes along with that—assign them a tour guide, make them feel welcome by including a packet of activities, etc.), it can give them a true sense of what it might be like to live in your community.

Give away a free month if people move in by a certain date. 

We see this offer with rentals outside of senior living. But the thing is: Everyone loves free stuff. And if someone signs by a certain date and they get their first month free—that can be a very enticing content offer. 

And to make this a tangible content offer . . . you could create a special mailer or email that you send to those folks who are truly in this stage. For example, you make this offer to folks who’ve toured your community more than once and have indicated it’s between you and another community. With the offer, you could include a branded promotional item, like a keychain.

Bonus Tip: Outsource for Added Oomph

The above list is a starting point. You and your team can come up with other ideas—or you can outsource the content development to a senior living agency like ours that specializes in all things content marketing. Get in touch and let’s chat about your marketing.