Senior Living Marketing Perspectives: Today’s Senior Living Prospects Have a Greater Sense of Urgency About Their Senior Living Options

Topics Discussed and Key Points:

  • Roobrik’s purpose and unique approach to gathering data
  • Gathering data and building trust via anonymous “conversational assessments”
  • What senior living operators can learn from data gathered by Roobrik
  • How COVID-19 has impacted prospect behaviors and uncertainties
  • Other potential uses for Roobrik’s decision science technology

Episode Summary:

In today’s episode, Debbie speaks with Nate O’Keefe, Founder and CEO of Roobrik, “a survey or decision tool that helps older adults and families get unstuck [and] activate that audience that is right on the cusp. How can we help them understand their needs; their options?” Roobrik’s solution? Decision science. Their goal is not to market senior living as a prospect’s only choice, but to better inform them so that they can make that choice themselves.

The typical senior living company website is, unfortunately, little more than an online brochure filled with impersonal stock images. “Nobody searches for senior living for fun,” says Debbie. Marketers have to make that extra effort to not only lead prospects to their website, but also to create comfort in order to help these prospects make life-altering decisions about their future.

Roobrik gathers relevant information that helps prospects see if they are a fit for a community. They also put together resources that engage and build trust for those who are looking for options. Data is gathered through anonymous “conversational assessment” with the prospects which take their mindset into account, particularly with regards to their fears and worries. The assessment is anonymous because fears and worries, which prospects tend to minimize during the initial call, are the biggest challenges that operators need to tackle when promoting a new lifestyle as a possible solution.

Prospects need to feel empowered and informed. Roobrik’s tool helps potential residents “overcome uncertainty and inertia” which, again, is why data is gathered anonymously. COVID-19 has obviously had a profound effect on the gravity of prospects’ doubts around senior living spaces.

Nate acknowledges that perspectives will continue to evolve in the new normal. To gain a foothold over these ever-changing uncertainties, Roobrik asks, “What can we do that is additive and not noise?” The key is in gathering data, which serve as the foundation for any strategy. To this end, Roobrik has released “COVID impact reports”, which reveal that more people are looking—that prospects have developed a greater sense of urgency about their future options and are more willing to engage in conversations that will help them get unstuck.

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