Senior Living Marketing Perspectives: Jennifer Hastings Connects Families with Residents Through Engaging Marketing Campaigns

Topics Discussed and Key Points:

  • How putting a pause on move-ins affected Northbridge
  • The “Northbridge Good Vibes” campaign
  • Platforms that Northbridge is using to connect with families
  • Northbridge’s creative magazine ad that focused on the people rather than the facility
  • What prospects will look for in a senior living community going forward
  • The “Behind the Mask” campaign

Episode Summary:

In today’s episode, Debbie speaks with Jennifer Hastings, Vice President of Marketing at Northbridge Companies.

In March 2020, Northbridge made the decision to shut down move-ins as other assisted living communities have done in the wake of COVID-19. From a marketing standpoint, Jennifer knows that the process will have changed in one way or another once the day comes when facilities can start accepting new residents again. However, a few key things will remain the same, such as leveraging social channels to be able to engage regularly with existing and future families.

Jennifer talks about the Northbridge Good Vibes program that she and her team launched not long after the outbreak. This is a cross-platform campaign where families can contribute to an encouraging and uplifting atmosphere throughout the community by leaving well-wishes across different forums and social media platforms. She relates how Northbridge’s Good Vibes page received an unexpected 75 “vibes” in the first night alone.

Aside from the Good Vibes initiative, Jennifer talks about the other out-of-the-box ways that Northbridge has adapted to the challenges brought on by the pandemic. From taking advantage of the industry-tailored features of the HeartLegacy app, to a magazine ad that highlights people and families over facilities, to the creative “Behind the Mask” campaign, Northbridge has skillfully focused its marketing efforts toward people and community. This type of messaging, Jennifer believes, is what will resonate the most with future residents post-COVID-19.

“Choosing a senior living community means that you have peace of mind around care, safety, and well-being,” says Jennifer. “It is what people have always inherently been looking for, but today they are looking through a new lens because of what we have all been through.”