Senior Living Marketing Perspectives: Social Media Marketing

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Debbie Howard talks with Kerri-Anne Pendergast, Director of Social Marketing at Senior Living SMART, about the evolving landscape of social media marketing in the senior living industry. They discuss best practices, the importance of storytelling, the impact of social media on local search, and the role of AI in content planning. 

Topics Discussed and Key Points: 

  • Social Media Guide: Senior Living Smart has published an updated version of its social media guide, which emphasizes best practices for posting, content mix, and the significance of behind-the-scenes content in senior living communities.
  • Social Media for Advocacy, Engagement, and Trust: Social media plays a crucial role in building trust and engaging the audience, particularly in the senior living industry.
  • Importance of Storytelling: Moving away from cookie-cutter strategies to storytelling helps in showcasing the unique personalities and vibrant lifestyles of senior living communities.
  • Impact on Local Search: Social media, reviews, and Google Business Profiles are the trifecta for improving local search rankings and visibility for senior living communities.
  • The Role of AI: AI can assist in content planning and brainstorming, helping to streamline social media strategies without compromising originality.
  • Trends to Watch: Video content, storytelling, and increased marketing spend are key trends shaping the future of social media marketing in senior living.

Kerri-Anne’s Bio:

Kerri-Anne started as an intern for SLS in 2020 and now is the company’s Director of Social Media Marketing. With a passion for storytelling, Kerri-Anne helps convey the community’s voices and show their lifestyle and culture through their online presence. She holds responsibility for developing a high-level digital strategy on social platforms including events, content, and more to drive traffic and convert prospects into move-ins in the senior living space through organic campaigns.

Kerri-Anne also manages clients’ reputation management and local SEO. This includes things like citation management, review generation campaigns, and Google Business Profile audits and optimizations. Based in Boston, Kerri-Anne enjoys the four seasons by golfing, going to the beach, exploring the city, and skiing.


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