Senior Living Marketing Perspectives: Relocating to Senior Living with Maureen Longoria

Episode Summary:

In this episode of “Senior Living Marketing Perspectives,” host Debbie Howard from Senior Living Smart welcomes Maureen Longoria, Co-Founder of LivNow Relocation. Together, they dive into the complex process of relocating to senior living communities and discuss how Maureen’s company assists both older adults and their adult children during this emotionally charged transition. They explore the unique challenges and best practices involved in senior relocation, shedding light on how communities can integrate these services into their marketing strategy to enhance their offerings. 

Topics Discussed and Key Points: 

  • Maureen shares her entrepreneurial journey, highlighting her passion for building services that meet unmet market needs. 
  • The unique aspects of senior relocation, including downsizing, emotions, and local moves, that attracted Maureen to this industry. 
  • Maureen explains the dual customer approach, addressing the needs of both older adults and their adult children. 
  • The importance of validating and addressing the concerns of older adults moving into senior living communities. 
  • Discussion on how LivNow Relocation helps break down barriers and accelerate the relocation process for older adults and their adult children. 
  • The value of pre-vetted and qualified moving professionals and other service providers. 
  • Debbie and Maureen discuss strategies for integrating senior relocation services into a comprehensive marketing strategy. 
  • Maureen discusses the variations in relocation processes between life plan communities and rental senior living communities. 
  • Challenges related to timing, selling homes, and the perception of space. 
  • Addressing emotional barriers, such as downsizing and leaving a familiar home, and how senior living communities can assist prospects. 
  • The trade-off of a better lifestyle and socialization in senior living communities.

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