Top 10 Senior Living Blogs of 2020

Our Most Popular Senior Living Blog Topics from 2022

We like to follow our own advice and review analytics on the content we produce. Since it’s the end of the year, we dug into the top 10 senior living blog topics that generated the most traffic over the last twelve months. Here are the results, including our take on why these particular blog posts resonated with people so much. (Links included in case you missed any.)

Top 10 Most Popular Senior Living SMART Blog Topics from 2022

#1: Senior Living Marketing Events: Fresh Ideas the Drive Leads

Even though we published this in 2017, it was our most popular blog post of 2022. And no wonder! Marketing and sales teams had to up the ante as they returned to hosting in-person events in 2022. What better way to get inspired than with an article like this.

#2: Senior Living Marketing Event Ideas to Try

Hmm. Are you sensing a trend here? We are! Senior living marketing and sales teams are always on the hunt for fresh ideas for events—even more so this last year. Given this interest, our team is thinking about diving deeper into this topic:

  • What can we do as an agency to help more with event development?
  • Would it make sense to develop event-planning guides and checklists?
  • Should we create more granular blog posts around senior living marketing events? Maybe ideas around promotional items for event attendees. And different types of events, depending on where people are in their buying journey.
  • The above is a brief demonstration that you can follow when digging into your own content analytics. What conclusions can you draw from the numbers? What content is resonating—and what related content can you create as a result?

#3: Senior Living Sales Strategies: How to Handle the Initial Phone Inquiry

We’re a senior living marketing agency first and foremost. But our founders (as well as other team members) have experience in senior living sales as well. This helps us marry marketing and sales together—we understand the needs and pressures of both sides, and we often write about senior living sales topics in addition to marketing topics.

This post is also from 2017. The fact that it’s in the top five for 2022 isn’t a surprise. The senior living sales cycle is long. Leads require many more touches than they ever have before. And they decide when they want a sales interaction via phone. How reps act during that initial call matters. No wonder sales folks are googling effective senior living strategies via phone.

#4: Senior Living Referral Sources: Outreach & Engagement Strategies

Again, we’re seeing themes emerge. This blog post, written in 2021, has been gaining in popularity ever since we published it, and no wonder. For two years, many of the “normal” ways people networked were put on hold, thanks to the pandemic. Getting back into the swing of things requires inspiration and friendly reminders, and this post delivers on both.

#5: Senior Living Advertising: Digital vs. Print

We’re not ready to declare the death of print advertisements this year or next. (Although we do predict big shifts within the next decade—you can read more about that here.) This blog post serves as the voice of reason when trying to find the right balance between print and digital ads.

#6: Independent Living Marketing Ideas That’ll Resonate with Boomers

This blog post is only six months old, so we were really pleased to see how well it’s performed. Our team thinks it’s one of the most important blog posts we published this year. Why’s that? Because how a community markets to Boomers is going to matter more as Boomers replace the Silent Generation and Greatest Generation.

#7: Senior Living SEO: 8 Must-Haves for Better Google Ranking

We published this post right before the pandemic broke. All of the strategies still hold true today since we don’t chase SEO fads. Instead, our recommendations focus on evergreen elements. For example, having plenty of compelling content will always be a solid SEO strategy.

#8: Why Senior Living Leads Require Many More Touches

This is another “must read” from the past year, simply because the research we reference is eye-opening. And here’s the thing: We expect the sales cycle is only going to grow longer, especially for younger Boomers eyeing independent living and active adult communities.

#9: How to Create a New Resident Welcome Program

We LOVE the fact that this article is resonating with people because it’s super important—and so often overlooked. Remember, your best form of advertisement (for anything, not just senior living) is a happy customer. When you foster a wonderful, welcoming environment where people can easily become raving fans, these raving fans will more likely write a positive review and/or refer friends and neighbors. Conversion rates tend to be higher on those sorts of referrals.

#10: How to Write a Great Senior Living Blog Post

Talk about meta, right? It seems quite apt that this article is what rounds out our top 10 list. When it comes to effective content marketing—especially blogging—it’s all about keeping people engaged with your words. And this blog post gives you simple steps to follow so you can do exactly that.

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