Senior Living Traditional Marketing in 2023 – My Favorite Things

Even in 2023, traditional marketing plays an important role in senior living sales by building brand awareness, nurturing prospects, educating to overcome objections and reducing friction during the move-in process. At Senior Living SMART, we deal with a lot of third-party vendors of traditional marketing services, and we have our favorites! Find out below who my favorites are, and why!

Here are some of my favorite things for senior living traditional marketing in 2023:


Fischer Group. Why? They build custom marketing portals to organize all your brand content including stationery, collaterals, signage, direct mail and branded templates to create event flyers, floor plans, price lists and dining programs – it’s your own company store. Plus, they offer personalized URL-based direct mail that tracks offline marketing to online engagement and takes qualified prospects to their own micro-sites to increase conversions.

Overcoming financial barriers

Second Act Financial. Why? You can’t rely on your sales teams to be proficient in explaining bridge loans, the VA Aid & Attendance benefit, long-term care insurance reimbursements, and life insurance conversions. You can offer financial concierge services at reasonable rates for prospects and at no cost to your communities. Shorten sales cycles by helping families access financial solutions.

Quicker move-ins and raving fans!

LivNow Relocation. Why? Waiting for a home to sell before moving into a senior living community delays the transition, and that is not good for the prospect, their family or the operator. Livnow takes care of everything to accelerate the timeline. Their nation-wide network of fully vetted real estate agents, moving companies, downsizing services, discard/donate services and cleanout services take the stress out of moving to your community. They deliver happy residents and families to your doorstep!

Digitize the move-In process

August Health. Why? Because they go way beyond offering a digital lease agreements. They create a collaborative family portal, creating a modern move-in experience where families can complete all necessary paperwork in just a few clicks. Sales teams spend more time selling and less time chasing signatures and making copies. Reduce move-in delays through a frictionless digital workflow, with clear steps for families and simple e-signatures. Delightful move-ins are the first step to positive reviews, testimonials and referrals.

Third party leads

Seniorly. Why? I know, I know – you don’t like lead aggregators like “you know who”. But families do like them so they will continue to play a role in lead generation. Seniorly offers greater transparency to prospects and does not force them into a conversion before providing information such as pricing. Prospects can choose to engage with an advisor when they are ready and can explore communities anonymously for as long as they want.

Call center

LeadGenie. Why? It’s so much more than a call center! Of course, they do inbound and outbound calls, and manage third-party and website leads. They also do pipeline work to reach out to older/ colder leads sitting in your CRM (any CRM), and they can fill in for vacant sales positions. Join the waiting list for February of 2024!

Mystery shopping

Primo Solutions. Why? They have completed over 150,000 mystery shops for senior living operators, making them the largest mystery shopping company in the industry. Services include phone and in-person shops, competitor and website shops. Sales training and coaching is available to improve sales skills – and there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I love guarantees!

Need help implementing any of the above?

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