Should I Be Using Threads for Marketing Senior Living

Should I Be Using Threads for Marketing in Senior Living?

Threads, the latest app owned by Meta, was launched to the public on July 5th, 2023, and has already amassed an outstanding 100 million active users within just five days. What is Threads, and what do I need to know about it for senior living marketing?

Threads for marketing: what to know

Threads can be described as a modified version of Twitter. Like Twitter, Threads allows users to post threads, reply to others, and follow profiles they find interesting. Users can include short text (up to 500 characters), links, photos, videos, or a combination of these media types in their posts.

Mark Zuckerburg, Meta’s CEO, has made it incredibly simple to create an account, allowing it to be the fastest growing app in history. If you already have an Instagram account, creating a Threads account is an easy click of a button using the same login credentials.

Despite its rapid growth, Threads still lags Twitter in certain aspects. Unlike Twitter, users cannot modify their settings to view only Threads from the accounts they follow. Even if you don’t follow a particular account, you may still see its content if the Thread is popular enough. Meta did state that the functionality would be added in the future, but there is no estimated time frame.

Threads is exclusively available for mobile users. While you can read content on, creating threads is only possible through the mobile app. Additionally, there is currently no option to remove your Threads account without also removing your Instagram account. The two accounts are directly connected, so if you regret creating a Threads account, you’ll have to wait until this feature is addressed.

Unlike Twitter, Threads does not offer a tab to see trending topics or the ability to search for specific topics or posts. Although these limitations are likely to change as the app grows, for now, users will have to rely on scrolling through content. Furthermore, Threads is currently only available in certain countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Japan, but plans for expansion are likely underway.

Notably, Threads lack certain features popular on Twitter, such as the ability to direct message someone or utilize hashtags for social listening and trend tracking.

Why are people leaving Twitter?

Twitter experienced a significant loss of users when Elon Musk took over as CEO, with 1 million users (equivalent to the population of Delaware) leaving the platform in just one month. It is projected to lose 32 million users (about twice the population of New York) by 2024, many of whom are transitioning to Threads. People are leaving Twitter due to increased hate speech and technical problems associated with Musk’s tenure.

How do you use Threads?

Before Threads, there was no major competitor to challenge Twitter. Twitter is known for its virality, acting as a news source and enabling users to consume information in bite-sized portions. Although not primarily photo-based, Twitter allows users to attach various media like images, videos, and GIFs. If you are already familiar with Twitter, learning to use Threads will be a breeze since it shares a similar format of sharing thoughts, responding to others, and reading content.

How is data from your Instagram account used on Threads?

When using Threads, your Instagram account data is utilized, including:

  • Instagram login info
  • Instagram account ID
  • Instagram name and username
  • Instagram profile information such as your profile, bio, and links
  • Instagram, followers
  • Age on Instagram

What are the demographics of Threads users?

Most Threads users belong to Generation Z. Males make up approximately 68% of the user base, while females account for the remaining 32%. Among males, the largest age group is 23-25 years old, constituting 28% of the male user base. Additionally, 11% of males and 5% of females fall within the 18-25 age range. Users aged 45 years and above represent a smaller portion with only 2% of females and 3% of males in this age group.

What industries should be using Threads?

Threads can be a valuable platform for any industry to engage in conversations with their audience. If your target audience is on Threads, it is crucial to actively communicate with them. However, Threads is not designed for selling products or services. Instead, it is better suited for introducing new ideas, sparking conversations, and providing insights and perspectives.

Should I be using Threads for marketing my senior living communities?

From a though leadership perspective, Threads can be a suitable platform. However, for marketing senior living communities, it may not be ideal. Before deciding, consider whether your target audience uses Twitter. If they do, it is likely they will also be active on Threads. If you wish to establish a presence in your industry and your target market is receptive on Threads, it is worth diving in early. You can repurpose existing content and offer fresh perspectives or insights to stimulate conversation. Threads thrive on starting conversations, so if your audience is absent or you anticipate a one-sided dialogue, it might be best to focus on the platform where your audience is most active. For guidance on best practices for your preferred platform, refer to our guide to social media success.