Senior Living Marketing Software: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then you already know that you need senior living marketing software to remain competitive. The challenge? Not all marketing automation software is created equal. And simply having software doesn’t solve all your problems either.

So let’s dig a little deeper. Avoid these mistakes so that you can get the biggest bang out of your marketing bucks.

Mistake #1: Not thoroughly evaluating your options when selecting senior living marketing software.

If you invest in the wrong product, you could be setting everyone up for failure right out of the gate. Here’s how to avoid that fate:

  • Check out dependable review sites like Capterra and G2. Pay close attention to the three- and two-star reviews since those tend to be the most revealing.
  • Buy what you need. Sure, all those bells and whistles sound nice, but each of your individual senior living communities doesn’t need an enterprise product. In fact, buying something overly complex could result in frustration and resentment among your staff. 
  • Take advantage of free trials. Free thirty-day trials offer an excellent way to test drive different software products before making a big investment. 
  • Turn to a knowledgeable partner. A marketing agency that caters to the senior living industry will usually know the best products on the market. (True story: We negotiated a HubSpot license for a client and saved them thousands of dollars.) 

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Mistake #2: Not having a solid plan for using your senior living marketing software.

Don’t let your marketing software gather virtual dust like that pricey treadmill that sits in the basement. Here’s what to keep in mind once you’ve made the purchase.

  • Onboard your team. Onboarding your marketing and sales teams won’t be a one-off meeting, either. While the goal is to buy an intuitive product, your people will still need to learn how to navigate the software.
  • Encourage ongoing training. The initial onboarding helps get everyone’s feet wet. But longer-term training will help people become marketing automation gurus. If available, require staff to take relevant courses and certifications. (For example, see HubSpot Academy.) 
  • Make sure everyone understands how ROI is being measured. While lead-to-customer conversions tend to be the gold standard, many other types of conversion points can influence ROI (such as visitor-to-lead conversion). 
  • Be realistic with your goals. You won’t see results overnight. A good rule of thumb: Focus on ninety-day plans. 

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Mistake #3: Not following existing best practices for your senior living marketing software.

Remember, the software is supposed to make your life easier, not harder. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, especially when you’re just getting started. 

The best marketing automation software will have . . .

  • Best practices for using all of its features.
  • Solid support for technical issues.
  • Online communities where you can get answers.
  • Robust help centers with tutorials and guides.
  • Outside experts/consultants you can collaborate with.

Marketing software like HubSpot offers a solutions directory where you can get help from partners/providers with expertise in all things HubSpot. (We’ve achieved the Platinum Tier in HubSpot’s Solutions Partner Program.)

Mistake #4: Not allowing your senior living marketing software to grow with you.

Over time, you’ll likely need more capabilities and/or features, especially if you started with a “basic” plan. Many software products offer different levels as your needs change (such as the size of your contact list or the number of emails you send per day/month). The worst thing you can do is try to muddle along with a product that no longer serves you.

What to do when you need to upgrade:

  • Talk to your rep. The best marketing software will usually assign you your own account representative. Reach out to them and let them know your current challenges and/or limitations with the product and see what they suggest. 
  • Talk to a knowledgeable partner. If you work with a senior living marketing agency that uses your software, discuss your options with them. They should be able to guide you.
  • Make a move, if necessary. If you’ve chosen wisely, you should be able to simply upgrade to a tier that can offer you the capabilities you need. However, if the software can’t do the things you need it to do, make a switch. Yes, it will be a temporary hassle, but that’s better than a long-term problem.

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The senior living industry has been notoriously behind other industries when it comes to adopting marketing automation. But we’ve successfully helped our clients make the shift. (Read this marketing automation case study.) Reach out and let us help your community.