Assisted Living PPC Management

Assisted Living PPC Management: 3 Reasons You Should Work with an Agency

You might think, “Assisted living PPC management—how hard can it be?” Below, we provide three compelling reasons why working with an experienced agency like Senior Living SMART makes sense for all your paid advertising needs.

1. We do ppc management every day.

You could try managing your assisted living PPC campaigns on your own. The challenge, of course, is that it’s not the only thing you’re managing, right? If you’re part of your community’s marketing or sales team, you’re already juggling many other things. So PPC would be one more item added to your endless to-do list.

At Senior Living SMART, we have a team devoted to nothing but paid advertising campaigns. That’s the only work they do, day in and day out. This allows them to dive deep into each client’s needs, maximize budgets, and optimize results.

At SLS, our team focuses on all the information that Google is telling them so they can deliver the best results for clients. He and his team also stay current with all things Google and PPC.

This means we can come in with solid recommendations and ideas that are otherwise not considered by people who may be unfamiliar with Google Ads or people who are trying to do it themselves or—in the worst case scenario—people who are doing the “set it and forget it” method of just creating an account, paying for clicks, and moving onto their next checklist item instead of checking ad results.

2. We monitor PPC campaigns every day.

Speaking of setting and forgetting it: That’s NOT a good strategy for assisted living PPC management.

Why? Because pay-per-click advertising is dynamic—and even more so now in the era of Google’s new Search Generative Experience.

If you set up your PPC ads, enter your credit card, and “forget it,” you won’t get insights into . . .

  • Which keywords are bringing in traffic that converts into quality leads
  • Which keywords are bringing in low-quality leads (Hint: You can remove these
    “bad” keywords from your targeting)
  • What changes can you make to landing pages to boost conversions
  • Which leads ultimately become residents

This is because PPC (and Google Ads in particular) requires active maintenance in order to navigate changing market conditions. New competitors can enter your geography, others can leave, and sometimes things can seem to change for no good reason.

Regular, routine maintenance helps ensure a campaign has minimal issues throughout its life, assisting it in earning high-quality leads that make the most of a senior living company’s dollar.

3. We know how much PPC leads should cost.

You don’t have to spend the most to get meaningful results with PPC. When we work with senior living communities, we maximize your budget so you get the biggest bang for your advertising dollar. We’ll undoubtedly make recommendations—but we make these recommendations based on actual data. And we set expectations based on your available budget.

If you tell us you need ten quality leads a month from PPC campaigns with X budget, we might do research that reveals you don’t have enough budget to get those ten leads, but you do have enough to get seven. You can decide whether to increase your budget or work with your intended budget.

Our point: We base everything we recommend on actual data, not pie-in-the-sky dreams.

Here’s a recent example: A senior living community with 15 communities nationwide came to us and asked if we could review their PPC campaigns. They were new to PPC and wondering if they were paying too much per lead.

We audited their data and discovered they were paying thousands of dollars per individual lead, which is extraordinarily high for Google Ads. We came up with recommendations and took over the account.

Since then, we’ve increased their conversions by over a hundred and reduced their cost per lead by 20%.

Would you like to discuss outsourcing your assisted living PPC management?

Get in touch, and let’s discuss how our paid advertising team can help.