Spend less time reinventing the wheel and more time SELLING.
Equip your sales team with the training, collateral, and resources they need to turn prospects into residents. SMARTSales makes it easy.

You get instant access to ready-made PowerPoints, on-demand webinars, an incredible collection of promotional swag, and more. Plus, you get everything in SMARTMarketing too. SCORE!

With SMARTSales, you get…

  • Complete Manager on Duty Program
  • Inquiry Forms & Tools
  • Daily Stand Up Meeting Tools & Training
  • Projection Report Tools & Training
  • Concierge Training
  • First Impressions Checklists
  • Event Management Tools
  • Regional Directors Tools & Training
  • Executive Director Sales Management Resources
  • External Business Development Tools & Trainings
  • Sales Training PowerPoints & Webinars
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