Senior Living Marketing: Use Video Testimonials to Increase Leads, Tours & Move-ins

Senior Living Marketing: Use Video Testimonials to Increase Leads, Tours & Move-ins

Studies show that people are more likely to believe statements made by current families rather than staff members saying the same things about your community. This is why review sites have so much sway.

But what’s even more compelling than written reviews is when people talk on video about your community. Why? Well, hearing a real person’s voice makes an emotional connection.

So as you consider your senior living marketing strategy for 2016, make sure video testimonials are a part of the mix. By taking a few extra steps, your families and residents will be able to tell prospects what is so special about your community and why they selected it, in an authentic way.

Wondering how to use video testimonials throughout your marketing?

Check out these tips and real-life examples. Note: you can watch these video testimonials here; below, we’re providing written excerpts.

1. Email a testimonial video to a family before they come in for a tour.

Make sure the video has quotes, not just compliments. A compliment is “The community is friendly.” A quote is a specific statement sharing a unique way you made them feel welcomed. Here is an example of a testimonial we gathered for The Kensington of White Plains:

“Ever since she’s moved in she’s improved. She has multiple things wrong with her. She had the stroke. She has diabetes. She has heart disease. And through all their care, everything has been stabilized and she’s probably the healthiest she’s been in quite a few years. She’s lost weight. She does a lot of physical therapy. She participates with the exercise and all the different activities they have there. And she’s having a really great time. I believe her mind has gotten better. Her physical body has definitely gotten better. And her attitude has definitely gotten better as well.”

2. Use testimonials for creative follow up.

It’s best if each video is short and tells specifically why families choose your community. Use testimonials to highlight why other families chose your community instead of a competitor. The more specific and the more emotional, the better. Here’s a great one we gathered for The Kensington:

“You should have your parent go to The Kensington because they will treat your parents with the utmost respect and dignity and they will also become better than they could by themselves. We’ve been able to have a better relationship overall just sitting, chatting, having lunch, having dinner, just going to visit. It’s a place where even my kids can come and feel comfortable. The people there go way above and beyond to really take care of her and keep her healthy. The physical therapists there are spectacular. Nurses just take care of her like she was their mother and it’s very, very sweet. They’ll do anything for her.”

3. Overcome objections.

What objections are you getting? Create videos for each objection telling why families choose your community. The videos should be short (1 to 2 minutes long) and have quotes from a few different people. That way you can tailor which videos to email to prospective families. We have found that people will not watch a 5- to 10-minute video; however, they will watch five short videos with titles telling them what the video is about.

For example, a common objection is that the prospective resident is a picky eater or requires a special diet and they won’t like the food at the community. Here is a testimonial we gathered for The Kensington to overcome that objection.

“Oh, the food is amazing. Norm, who’s in charge of the dining room, does a great job. He listens to the residents whenever they have any comments. He’s always walking around making sure that everybody’s okay. There are multiple options for whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat eater or anywhere in between and even some cultural dishes as well. Everything is done very carefully and with care and with good, fresh ingredients.”

Remember, video testimonials are extremely compelling, but text-based testimonials are also effective, which leads us to our special offer below.

SPECIAL OFFER: Senior Living Smart Members receive one free OnFire written review. With your permission, we will call a family member of one of your favorite residents and have a conversation with them over the phone, gently guiding them to tell your story with questions you help create. The testimonial will be full of quotes that say specifically WHY people choose you and how you help them.

To create this valuable written review/testimonial, we will include a complimentary discovery / brainstorming session with you to clarify exactly why people choose you, how you help them, and what you want your perfect testimonial to say.

To claim your free review, simply email [email protected].

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