Is Print Dead? No, But It’s Been Put on a Diet.

Is Print Dead? No, But It’s Been Put on a Diet.

No one has ever chosen a senior living community because the pocket folder was the best, the brochure the shiniest, or the collateral the most compelling. And yet we continue to throw our marketing budgets away on print collaterals with a shelf life of under two weeks – flyers, post cards, sell sheets.

Now, this isn’t to say there’s no role for print (there is). But we have to be strategic and economical in our use.

The good news? We have a solution that allows you to create custom marketing collaterals at a fraction of the price of traditional marketing agencies.

Say hello to The Studio, an easy-to-use online marketing portal.

We partnered with Glynn Devins to create a library of marketing content that providers like you can access to create newsletters, direct mail campaigns, event flyers, postcards, email blasts, social posts, brochures, stationery, and display advertisements in a matter of minutes.

Professional copywriters and graphic designers have already done the heavy lifting, creating this library and formatting each piece as a template that you can customize according to your community’s brand guidelines. So you could use each piece “as is” or customize further using cool features, like the licensed image galleries.

And we’re not just talking print collateral, either. You can create integrated marketing campaigns with print and digital assets (think email banners or social posts formatted for Facebook, for example).

All with a few clicks and no sweat. We’re talking easy-peasy…and then some! 

Consider taking The Studio for a FREE test drive for 30 days → (use coupon code ‘30daystudio‘ when ordering online)

Not quite ready? Download The Studio catalog to see what you’re missing →

Do you need a more custom option? Take all the marketing assets you’ve already bought and paid for over the years and template them so all your users can access a branded web-to-print portal and quickly customize and order their collaterals. We offer two “flavors” of this custom portal solution: SMARTHub and SMARTPro. Interested? Schedule a SMARTHub or SMARTPro demo today.


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