Compliance or Competency? 5 Keys to Great Memory Care Training

Compliance or Competency? 5 Keys to Great Memory Care Training

One of the best practices for a great memory care program is education. Too often, communities will focus on training for compliance rather than providing education for success. The role of the caregiver in memory care can be extremely challenging. Training should not only meet regulatory requirements, but also provide the caregiver with the tools to be successful in their role. This will result in better care for the resident.

Here are 5 Keys to Memory Care Training

  1. Be consistent with the training schedule
  • Set up your training program a year in advance. Staff should know the dates and times for the trainings each month.
  • Offer multiple sessions when possible and make sure to make available to all shifts.
  1. Provide educational opportunities through different venues and resources
  • Utilize outside trainers and educators. For example, Alzheimer’s Association offers training programs in each of their state chapters.
  • Recognize the value of “on the spot” training opportunities. If an event with a resident occurs, bring the staff together. Review what happened and work with the staff on answering, “How could this have gone differently?”
  • Use different training modes—online, live training, videos, current news, and handouts.
  1. Establish a learning culture
  • Set the expectation at time of hire that there are required in-services that are mandatory.
  • Make sure everyone participates.
  1. Go beyond the regulatory requirements
  • Training programs should go well beyond the regulatory requirements.
  • Make sure that trainings are engaging, active, and relevant to current situations or concerns.
  • Provide easy to remember “takeaways”.
  1. Invest in your trainer and materials
  • Ensure that staff providing the training are “trained trainers” and the materials are professional and geared to adult learning.

Can you think of any additional keys to memory care training? Please share!


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