8 Great Best Practices for Creating Sales Promotions that Drive Results

8 Great Best Practices for Creating Sales Promotions that Drive Results

Senior Living Sales often feels like a combination of reliving Groundhog Day and being a hamster on an endless wheel.  Days and weeks are spent qualifying inquiries, hosting community visits, nurturing leads, advancing sales, planning events, generating new leads and professional referrals.  All of this happens under a microscope of accountability, dreaded occupancy calls, and endless reports in an effort to close sales for prospects that do not want to buy the product. 

All of these efforts culminate in achieving sales goals that hopefully will compensate for attrition to create occupancy and revenue growth.  And, just when you think there is time to celebrate for just a moment, the month is over and it is time to start all over again!

Sales contests can be a welcome break as long as the contest is inclusive, achievable and fun.  They can create energy, contribute to team building, renew focus, and drive business goals if you follow these best practices

1.  Create a fun theme.

(March Madness, Olympics, Summer Sizzler etc.).  Shorter contests are easier to manage and maintain energy!

2.  Decide the behavior you want to reinforce. 

Examples include; increasing sales activities (measuring call outs, tours, advances, scheduled sales calls, event attendance, etc.) or sales results (collecting deposits, closing sales, selling at market rate, generating professional referrals, etc.) – or a combination of both!

3.  Make sure every community can “play”.

There is nothing more annoying than a contest that is skewed.  Even 100% full All-Star Communities can add value, so create goals that are relevant to all.

4.  Involve the entire community team to reinforce an “everyone sells” culture. 

Points can be assigned for MODs who turn inquiries into tours and tours into deposits.  Points can be assigned for front line staff members who introduces themself to a tour and for ED post-tour follow up calls.  It is more fun to play as a team!

5.  Have “like communities” play against each other. 

Placing All-Star communities and Focus communities in the same group/ bracket is de-motivating and unfair.  High occupancy communities should have different goals (increasing rate, Average Daily Occupancy or No Lost Revenue Days) and Focus Communities should have goals for creating a higher volume of move-ins within the contest timeframe.

6.  Tie winning to measurable business results. 

Rewarding communities for activities that do not result in improved business results does not reinforce the right behavior.

7.  Ensure there is a transparent way to measure scores and results. 

CRM’s can provide reports and trends to measure activities and results.

8.  Have really cool, fun “prizes” for everyone! 


March Madness is starting – a perfect time to create brackets with weekly playoffs to keep teams engaged for the entire month!  The best sales professionals are motivated by financial reward and recognition!

Does your company do anything for March Madness? 


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