6 Ways to Manage Your Food Costs

6 Ways to Manage Your Food Costs

Next to labor, food costs are one of the highest cost centers and one of the most difficult to manage. The key is not to be reactive and “cut” food when it impacts NOT negatively– but rather take a proactive approach and manage your food costs long term.

Here are 6 ways to help save money without compromising quality.

  1. Monitor food portions. Look at what resident’s are leaving on their plates. More isn’t always better.
  2. Use fresh produce that is in season, as supplies are more plentiful and prices typically lower. This is not only a great way for savings but is healthy and a market advantage.
  3. Take great care of your inventory. Make sure you are utilizing the first-in, first-out rotation for all perishable foods. Keep foods at proper temperature and cook all foods correctly to avoid waste and prevent contamination.
  4. Train, train, and then train some more. Staffs that are adequately trained ensure that food is prepared properly and to the resident’s satisfaction.
  5. Complete a monthly inventory. Boring but important.
  6. Know your food costs. Complete a food costs analysis that will help manage your costs, negotiate better savings and assure you are receiving the products and quality your ordered.

Guest blog by Rich Caprio from One Management Solutions. For more information about our partner and their services, visit One Management Solutions.


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