So You Think You Can Dance…or Run A Senior Living Property

So You Think You Can Dance…or Run A Senior Living Property

If you ever have the opportunity to watch the television show So You Think You Can Dance, you should. The premise is that these amazing amateur dancers compete for $100,000 and the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer.” The showcase of talent is amazing.

There are three main components that the judges (who are all professional dancers) look at when deciding on which dancers move on to the next round.

Performance – This describes the stage presence and energy during their performance.

Technique – This component looks at how well the style of dance is executed, steps, flexibility, strength, and bodylines.

Choreography – This is the routine itself and includes creativity, costume, music, and staging.

Imagine if Senior Living communities had to compete with each other and were judged by a panel of industry professionals. How well would your community do in a competition to be appointed “America’s Favorite Senior Living Community?”

As an operator, here’s what I imagine the criteria would be for judging a senior living community:

People –

Every successful senior living community begins with attracting and retaining the best people. How well do you do in recruiting great talent and reducing turnover? Do you empower your associates, champion your leaders, and develop winning teams? After all, at the end of the day – it really is all about the people.

Product  –

Senior Living is a competitive industry and a prospect is touring an average of 6 communities before making a purchasing decision. Increasing market share and occupancy requires the ability to demonstrate a commitment to lifestyle, care, hospitality, service, and quality. What is your “better and different” story?


All communities need to be profitable to provide service excellence, invest in innovation, and serve more seniors. Managing a budget is more than cutting expense. It’s about making smart purchasing decisions and managing expenses, without impacting quality and great service.

How would you do in the reality show competition? So You Think You Can Run a Senior Living Property? On a scale of 1-10 where would you rate? At Senior Living SMART we provide resources to help ensure your success with your People, Product, and Profitability!




  1. Interesting…I am not in that business and I pray I don’t need your services. Yet the reality is that at some point in my life, either for a loved one or ageing self, I will.

    I thought I would give you a consumer input on rating. I would rate the facility on how happy and fulfilled the residents are. In East Greenwich, Rhode Island there is quite a beautiful facility at which I used to take wedding parties inside for their formal photography. Always a challenge to take photos on rainy days.

    I’ll always remember how happy and engaged the residents were. Actually, anytime it rained on weekends, they would get dressed up, come downstairs and wait for me. They were happy and content and anxious to celebrate the “lives” of these new young couples.

    How do outsiders view your residents? This is a really good question to ask yourselves as owners and administrators. Best, Trish

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