Create SMARTER Senior Living Websites

Websites are the new front door of every senior living community. Eighty-seven percent of all sales begin on the web, so creating a resource rich, interactive, and engaging website experience is key.

Ready to get an edge over the competition?

Engage your website visitors by adding guided self-assessments that gather valuable data, generate qualified leads, and keep prospects coming back to your website.

“Is it still safe to drive?”
“Is it time to get help?”
“Is it dementia?”

These are questions that prospects are asking. In 3 – 5 minutes, Roobrik helps website visitors get clarity on their situation, understand their options, and prepare them to take the next step.

Communities will receive 28 points of data when prospects share their assessments at the end of their survey.

Driving traffic to your website is an investment. Lead InSite‘s Prompture tool engages your visitors and personalizes their journey on your website.

Their algorithm identifies the most qualified leads based on behavior and proactively provides the right content at the right time to the right prospect.

Increase lead conversions and turn your website into a lead generator.

Interactive site plans, room planners, and floor plans keep prospects on websites longer, bring them back often, and create social sharing opportunities.

Keep a prospect on your website for an average of 5 minutes as they place their furniture and begin to picture themselves living in your community.

Key Benefits of this NO COST, NO RISK Program:

  • Significantly reduce expenses
  • Increase positive cash Flow
  • Improve vendor contracts
  • Optimize future contracts
  • Recover lost revenue
  • Ensure proper pricing
  • Maximize rebates
This solution is free if you’re a Senior Living SMART Corporate Member. Not a member? Join today!

Upgrade Opportunity:  Check Out Predictive Analytics

communities-icoIf you love SMARTAnalytics, then you’ll love our Predictive Analytics program, which helps you build sustainable occupancy, proactively manage chronic diseases, increase resident length of stay, and lower risk.

We’ve partnered with Life2, which has successfully built a suite of predictive models to address the needs of senior care and other markets within the healthcare sector. They work closely with providers to provide better care and run their organizations more effectively. This suite of predictive models will put your organization at the front of the line for ACO contracts.

Check out this Predictive Analytics case study →