SMARTAnalytics: Discover How to Cut Wasteful Spending

With SMARTAnalytics, you’ll get a better handle on ROI, wasteful spending, and “cost creep” analysis in various areas, including raw food, energy, telecom, lighting, and waste stream management.

You’ll be amazed at how much overlap, waste, billing errors, and mispricing actually happens, costing you thousands of dollars. We created SMARTAnalytics to help providers keep expenses in line and recoup extra money they deserve.

Our SMARTAnalytics partners will compare contracts with invoices, pursue rebates for overcharges, hold your vendors accountable, renegotiate contracts, or leverage their network to lower your pricing. The best part? This is a shared savings program, which means our partners are paid based solely on a percentage of the savings—the rest drops to your bottom line so you can be cash flow positive.

Key Benefits of this NO COST, NO RISK Program:

  • Significantly reduce expenses
  • Increase positive cash Flow
  • Improve vendor contracts
  • Optimize future contracts
  • Recover lost revenue
  • Ensure proper pricing
  • Maximize rebates
This solution is free if you’re a Senior Living SMART Corporate Member. Not a member? Join today!

Upgrade Opportunity:  Check Out Predictive Analytics

communities-icoIf you love SMARTAnalytics, then you’ll love our Predictive Analytics program, which helps you build sustainable occupancy, proactively manage chronic diseases, increase resident length of stay, and lower risk.

We’ve partnered with Life2, which has successfully built a suite of predictive models to address the needs of senior care and other markets within the healthcare sector. They work closely with providers to provide better care and run their organizations more effectively. This suite of predictive models will put your organization at the front of the line for ACO contracts.

Check out this Predictive Analytics case study →