Senior Living Resources: Increase Occupancy with a Solid Manager on Duty Program

Senior Living Resources: Increase Occupancy with a Solid Manager on Duty Program

I recently called several senior living communities over the weekend to request information. Here are the answers I received:

  • “You will have to call back on Monday.”
  • “There is no one here who can help you.”
  • “There is never anyone here on the weekend – just us girls.”

Keep in mind that non-work hours are prime time for adult children to research senior living options for assisted living and memory care needs and for families to visit with residents. In fact, 50% of prospects inquire during evenings, weekends, and holidays. The problem is, most communities don’t have managers on staff seven days a week, which means communities are missing significant opportunities to interact with these prospects. This is why creating an effective “Manager On Duty” (MOD) program is a best practice that all communities should embrace.

Best Practices for an Effective MOD Program

  • Handling Inquiry Calls. Every manager should be trained in the basics of taking an inquiry by collecting contact information and asking a few key questions when taking an inquiry.
  • Conducting Community Tours. Every manager should feel comfortable in showing prospects the key features of the community and answering basic questions. Knowing where the model is located and which apartments are rent ready is vital to set up MODs for success.
  • Establishing Management Presence. MODs should be available to families, residents, staff, outside service providers, and prospects. This means that MODs should be present in the community rather than being behind closed doors. The busiest days for family visits are on weekends and holidays, and it is important that they see management presence. Staff and residents also need to know that there is someone available to speak with should issues arise.

How To Execute a Manager on Duty Program – Our MOD Toolbox Can Help

Setting expectations and providing comprehensive tools will create consistency with an MOD program. Senior Living SMART has created a turnkey toolbox with everything needed from scheduling to a team-training program. Our MOD Toolbox includes:

  • Program Overview – covers purpose, roles and responsibilities, and scheduling options
  • MOD Checklist – sets expectations with a consistent to-do list of program best practices
  • MOD Inquiry Form – a short form version for intake of basic inquiry information
  • Tour Tips – tour best practices to help MODs feel comfortable conducting community tours
  • Community Fact Sheet – everything MODs need to know to answer FAQs about the community
  • Team Training – a Power Point training to help roll out and reinforce an effective MOD program

This MOD Toolbox is FREE to all Senior Living SMART Members »

Not a member? No problem. Click here to access a FREE PowerPoint that will give you an overview of the MOD program. Then, Schedule a live demo so you can get a bird’s eye view of everything we have to offer (once you see what’s available, you won’t be able to resist).

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