Senior Living Community Testimonials

Hear what some of our Members are saying...

We’ve had a great working relationship with Senior Living SMART. They’ve been a huge benefit to us as consultant, a resource, and we look forward to a longstanding relationship with them. We’ve used them for a wide spectrum of not only services but also counsel.

We use SMARTStore to operate as the source for all documentation. forms, policies, PDFs, anything that a community or a home office employee would need to use on a regular basis; from HR forms, sales and marketing literature, to the ability to print off flyers and order business cards. We have things branded and consistent. If someone needs access to a form this allows them relatively quickly and easily to find what they need and not send five e-mails or have to call five people to find something.

You should work with Senior Living SMART because they take a lot of the guesswork out of connecting with other partners and tools. They go a long way towards getting you to the right solutions. It helps you really tap into the tools that are going to be most beneficial for your company.

Recently, we were looking for a call center solution. Senior Living SMART connected me with a company that is fantastic. Debbie got me on the phone with the COO of that company and we were able to very quickly come to an agreement about what they would provide and what we would need.

My experience with Senior Living SMART has been extremely valuable and professional. Having individuals that get it. They’ve lived it. They’ve been in those roles. There’s huge advantages when you have a team that has been at regional and corporate levels for very well-respected organizations on both the sales and operating side of the company. They bring a huge amount of sensitivity to the needs and some of the challenges that we face as we continue to try to grow occupancy, grow revenue, exceed customer expectations.

You should work with Senior Living SMART because they offer solutions that are tailored to unique situations faced by the industry. They are able to provide a useful resource, ensuring that the vendors that they’ve procured have been vetted, that the solutions that they offer have been tested, and that they are tailored to the unique needs of the industry. We’ve got a variety of different folks that use different aspects of Senior Living SMART.

Senior Living SMART, an outstanding resource at providing valuable solutions that help our partner operators be able to implement strategies that more effectively target both occupancy, as well as expense control.

Senior Living SMART are able to go through and do some of the key vetting and narrowing down the field of likely solutions. It helps the process move a little bit faster and being able to work with any of the recommended vendors to get their solutions in place and ensure that there’s a timely mechanism of starting to see some results.