Wireless Networking : The Next Generation


Robust WLANs support increased mobility and faster, more secure data access. Read more about the changing landscape of senior living communities and be prepared for the growing demands.

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Fast, reliable and secure wireless networking has become mandatory in today’s healthcare environment as physicians,
nurses and other clinicians increasingly rely on mobile technology to provide better patient care. Although most
hospitals and medical practices already have basic wireless networks in place, they frequently lack the bandwidth and
speed required to keep up with exploding demand. As a result, burgeoning use of mobile apps and mobile devices often
overwhelm existing WLANs, slowing or even preventing access to vital patient data and impairing QoS for voice and video.

Upgrading to a more robust wireless infrastructure utilizing 802.11n connectivity standard opens the door to vastly
improved performance thanks to extended coverage, faster speeds, centralized management and better data protection. In addition, new and improved WLANs go beyond supporting mobile data connectivity and applications to providing
expanded mobility services, including guest access, unified communications and real-time location tracking. Plus, utilizing the wireless backbone rather than cellular network for mobile apps significantly reduces costs.

Designing and deploying the best solution requires thorough analysis of the layout, physical environment, user density, applications and security requirements, as well as knowledgeable selection of the key components including
switches, routers, access points, management appliances and software, and endpoint devices. And to maximize ROI, it’s critical to implement an infrastructure capable of accommodating future growth, since mobile demand appears likely to continue accelerating.