Wi-Fi: Far and Wide


Secure and efficient network access while roaming requires an enterprise-class wireless infrastructure. Learn more about benefits of an enterprise-class wireless infrastructure.

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For most organizations, limited wireless local area networks (WLANs) started out as a convenience – a simple
way to let guests have an Internet connection while doing business onsite. That was then. Now, WLANs have become
a critical resource for both staff and guest users.

Staff members are using an increasing number of wireless devices. In addition to notebooks, they are using
smartphones and tablets as tools to read e-mail, manage contacts and calendars, and carry documents with them.
What’s more, organizations are developing their own line of -business applications specifically for mobile devices.

BYOD is no longer just a hot buzzword; bring-your-own device initiatives are a real trend. Everyone from the top
down wants the ability to be productive, whether they’re in the office or on another continent — and they want
to be able to do it using their own notebook computer, smartphone or tablet.