Getting More Professional Referrals


SMARTTips To Increase Professional Referrals: A “how to” library of tips to develop relationships with healthcare and community professionals.

Download “SLS Referral SMARTTips” SMARTTips_all_cover_final_SLS.pdf – Downloaded 52 times – 757 KB

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Generating referrals from professionals is a critical component of a qualified lead generation strategy. Most sales people are comfortable approaching skilled nursing and rehab referral sources, but how about elder law attornies, financial planners and clergy? We have compiled a series of SMARTTips to guide sales people through how to prepare for referral conversations with various healthcare, community and business professionals.

Download them all (above) or choose from a menu of SMARTTips:

  1. Hospital Referrals:

    Download “SMARTTips: Hospital Referrals” 1_SMARTTips_HospitalReferrals_SLS.pdf – Downloaded 3 times – 59 KB

  2. Association Referrals:

    Download “SMARTTips: Association Referrals” 2_SMARTTips_AssociationReferrals_SLS.pdf – Downloaded 1 time – 57 KB

  3. Clergy Referrals:

    Download “SMARTTips: Clergy Referrals” 3_SMARTTips_ClergyReferrals_SLS.pdf – Downloaded 2 times – 56 KB

  4. Adult Day Care Referrals:

    Download “SMARTTips: Adult Day Care Referrals” 4_SMARTTips_AdultDayCareReferrals_SLS.pdf – Downloaded 1 time – 58 KB

  5. Geriatric Care Manager Referrals:

    Download “SMARTTips: Geriatric Care Manager Referrals” 5_SMARTTips_GeriatricCareManagers_SLS.pdf – Downloaded 2 times – 57 KB

  6. Home Health Referrals:

    Download “SMARTTips: Home Health Referrals” 6_SMARTTips_HomeHealthReferrals_SLS.pdf – Downloaded 3 times – 56 KB

  7. Financial Professional Referrals:

    Download “SMARTTips: Financial Professional Referrals” 7_SMARTTips_FinancialProfessionals_SLS.pdf – Downloaded 2 times – 59 KB

  8. Attorney Professional Referrals:

    Download “SMARTTips: Attorney Professional Referrals” 8_SMARTTips_Attorneys_SLS.pdf – Downloaded 6 times – 59 KB