Centralization of Sales & Marketing


By centralizing your sales and marketing initiatives with a sales call center, many opportunities for cost savings can be achieved. Four key categories to identify areas for savings include Data Consolidation, Technology Infrastructure, Facilities, and Personnel.

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Innovative sales and marketing executives at senior living communities are beginning to adopt a new, centralized sales and marketing model that creates flexibility, cost control and improved customer service. Why? Because even simple sales and marketing challenges are difficult to resolve when decisions are decentralized and quality control is nearly impossible to enforce.

Utilizing a sales call center for your senior living community will create a centralized platform so data can be captured and analyzed to unlock cost savings while increasing the number of organic lead conversions. In addition, offering a consistent message to all of your prospective residents, regardless if you have one community or 100, will improve the overall perception of your community in the marketplace.

The old model, where sales personnel have different skill levels, sales pitches and follow up methodologies, is in sharp contrast with today’s standardized messaging and automated sharing of information.