Ocean Bingo Bundle


Everyone will have a “whale” of a time playing bingo with this month’s special cards, which are bound to make a few “waves.” Bundle includes 40 Bingo cards and markers.

More Information

Begin by printing up to 40 different cards. For reusable cards, we suggest printing on heavy card stock. Print on regular paper for disposable cards (where the players can use marking pens or bingo daubers to mark their cards). The cards are provided in groups of 10 so the files are easier to download.

The B-I-N-G-O across the top of each card has been replaced with O-C-E-A-N, and there is a whale in the center “free space.”

Playing the Game

  • Use your standard bingo balls and setup. Select one ball at a time and announce the letter and number, substituting O for B, C for I, E for N, A for G, and N for O.
  • Make yourself a cheat sheet like the one below for easy reference.

Don’t Say “Bingo!”

Ask the players to shout “Ocean!” or “Whale!” when they have a winning card. If they forget and shout “Bingo!” they lose.

For Markers

Use your regular bingo markers or use included starfish markers. Cut them out along the solid lines, and your markers are ready. For heavier markers, print on heavyweight paper (110 lb.) or card stock. Alternatively, glue the sheets to a piece of poster board (spray glue works best). For thicker markers that are easier to pick up, glue the sheets to foam board or thick cardboard and then cut them out with a craft knife.

For prizes, pass out small packages of Goldfish crackers, saltwater taffy, Ocean Spray juices or snacks, or chocolate coins (buried treasure).