Circadian Rhythm Fact Sheet


Learn how your resident circadian rhythms may be interrupted due to the lack of natural sunlight exposure in assisted living communities.[Download not found]

More Information

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences has published a fact sheet about circadian rhythms that provides a wealth of information related to what circadian rhythms are and how they affect body function and health. While circadian rhythms influence human sleep patterns, they also have an impact on other important bodily functions, including the release of hormones and regulation of body temperature.

Understanding the impact light can have on natural circadian rhythms is important, since abnormal circadian rhythms have been associated with a host of physical and psychological disorders, including obesity, diabetes, depression and season affective disorder, among others.

Walalights™ are designed to improve the body’s natural circadian rhythm through exposure to varying colors of light throughout the day. This is especially useful in adult living facilities where the elderly spend most of their time indoors which results in a disrupted circadian rhythm due to the lack of natural sunlight exposure.