Your Facility is Only as Good as the Walls Protecting It


Walls are a very important feature of any facility and the right wall protection should last and create a cohesive look throughout your facility for years. Kwalu, a leading provider of wall protection within this market, provides the following suggestions for making the best decisions for your facility and bottom line.

More Information

If you’re reading this, it’s for one of 5 reasons:

  • You are building a new facility and want walls that will withstand the impact of high traffic and harsh cleaning protocols.
  • You are considering a remodel and you want your walls to create a cohesive
    look throughout your facility.
  • You are investigating wall protection products, found them to be harmful
    and you are looking for a safe alternative.
  • You are upgrading handrails and want a coordinated look in both your
    stairwells and hallways.
  • You are in the market for wall protection that lasts, reducing repair costs
    and the frequency of maintenance.