10 Things to Consider when Purchasing New Furniture

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While there are many items to consider when making furniture purchases for a senior living facility. We recommend following these suggestions for making the best decisions for your community and your bottom line.

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Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Your furniture products, be they seating, tables or casegoods are broken and beyond salvaging or are perpetually out of service, awaiting ‘free time’ to be restored, repaired or re-finished.
  • Your furniture purchases have not held up, and have not remained attractive for as long as you had expected them to, adding increasing maintenance costs to your bottom line.
  • You want to increase revenues and enhance your reputation, especially when up against a competitor’s new build or recently renovated facility.
  • You’ve had liability issues, and possibly been sued, typically as a result of joint failure in seating.
  • You have a new build, and require furniture to be delivered that will allow you to open. You’re doing your research


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