Library of HR Policies


This bundled library of HR documents from Propeller HR Solutions include great risk management and employee-related templates that you can repurpose for your own communities and respective company, especially if these official documents do not already exist. See below for description of 25 documents included in this bundle.

More Information

This bundle (policies & procedures; standards, best practices and forms for every area of operation) include the following boilerplate templates:

  1. ADA Accommodation
  2. At Will Employment
  3. Attendance Absence & Tardiness
  4. Counseling and Disciplinary Procedure
  5. Definitions of Employment Types
  6. Employee Access to Files
  7. Employee Appreciation Fund
  8. Employee Handbook Template
  9. Employee Referral Bonus Program
  10. Employment of Minors
  11. Employment of Relatives
  12. Equal Opportunity Employment
  13. FMLA
  1. Holidays
  2. Jury Duty Leave
  3. Performance Management
  4. Personal Leaves of Absence
  5. Reference Checking
  6. Request for Employment Information
  7. Salary Administration
  8. Sick/Personal Time
  9. Termination of Employment
  10. Tuition Assistance
  11. Vacation
  12. Voting Time