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Did you know that VoiceFriend can help you more effectively market your community to prospects?

"Using VoiceFriend to notify prospects of events and tours has been more successful than we could have imagined."

-Liz Molitoris, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing,
Kaplan Development Group

By automating marketing communications, the VoiceFriend Notification Solution has been shown to help boost attendance at promotional events and tours. Best yet, you'll know specifically who will attend your events or tours—and even those who want a sales call back.

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VoiceFriend enables communities to make staff more productive, reduce cost of care and increase the engagement of families. The Service includes solutions for staff coverage for open shifts, certification and training management, surveys and emergency alerts for staff and families.

  • Typical Communities Can Save Over $50K/Yr in Operating Costs
  •  Reduce Time To Fill Open Shifts from 2-3 Hrs to 5-10 Minutes
  •  Send Emergency Alerts to Staff and Families
  •  Remind Staff of In-Service Training to Ensure Compliance
  •  Start Seeing Results in Just 60 Minutes

Finding staff to fill an open shift or coverage for a staff call-out is often costly, time consuming, and frustrating. VoiceFriend enables communities to easily alert staff members about open shifts. Each staff member can get personalized messages by their preferred method of communication and preferred language via phone, text message or email. Messages can be sent to targeted individual staff members or groups of staff members, such as per diem, part time and full time. Quickly filled shifts frees the scheduler and nursing supervisor’s time for other tasks and patient interactions

Additionally, VoiceFriend’s personalized messaging ensures staff and/or families receive emergency notifications - such as a flu outbreak, community maintenance or a weather emergency. In minutes, an individual, small group or the whole community is informed.

Quick To Learn and Easy to Use

From scheduler to administrator, VoiceFriend was developed for ease of use by all staff members. With just 30 minutes of training, communities can begin to reap the benefits of the VoiceFriend solution. A step by step message creation tool walks the user through the setup and sending of open shifts and other vital staff alerts and reminders.

VoiceFriend helps its clients solve many of the mundane, but costly challenges Communities face on a daily basis. They’ve found that all communities struggle with some of the following tasks:

  1. Keeping Residents active and engaged in activities.
  2. Reminding and notifying Seniors with cognitive and visual impairments
  3. Finding services that resonate with new prospects,
  4. Notifying residents, families and staff during emergencies

The results their communities are seeing:

  • Resident attendance at activities increases by up to 40%!
  • Satisfaction survey results increase by up to 20%!
  • Prospect conversion rates improve resulting in an additional 4-6 new residents per year!

VoiceFriend has solutions to these challenges as well as many others. They look forward to improving staff productivity, resident and family satisfaction and prospect conversion rates at your community.

Simple, easy, voice-activated notifications with Alexa
With the Alexa-enabled VoiceFriend Automated Notification Solution, your seniors can listen to their daily schedules, care plans and appointment reminders simply by saying “Alexa, play VoiceFriend” to their Amazon Alexa enabled device.

Family members can use any Alexa-enabled device to keep up to date with their loved one’s activities, events, meal specials and care plans. And more informed families are better able to encourage the healthy, engaged lifestyle of their loved ones.


10% discount for members.

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