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LogoSenior care providers use Roobrik tools on their website and in email to engage and nurture families who are trying to decide if it's the right time for professional senior care.

Roobrik's online tools help older adults and their families understand their needs and options so they can make the best decisions. Use Roobrik on your website, in email, in chat, or in-person to engage prospects who aren't ready to pick up the phone.

We help our senior care partners:

  • Reduce spend from third party lead generation
  • Convert more website visitors into exclusive, unshared and organic leads
  • Engage more deeply. Roobrik leads spend 10 minutes longer on your website and opt-in to share 23 data points with you
  • Reach families earlier in their decision making process
  • Become a trusted partner to prospective families by meeting them online and tailoring your conversations about the right care options
  • Gain valuable business intelligence about who is visiting your website and what is most important to them
  • Create compelling email nurturing campaigns to re-engage older, colder and forgotten leads

More Prospects, Better Data, Lower Resident Acquisition Costs
We offer flexible options for per-lead and subscription pricing. Contact us for details below.

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