Lead Generation Just Got a Whole Lot SMARTER

Until now, senior living operators have had few options for third party lead generation You could buy leads (high volume, low conversion, huge distraction) or buy move-ins (and give up 85%+ of one month’s revenue – OUCH!). The problem with both options is that all of these leads are shared with 5 – 7 of your nearest and dearest competitors!

We’ve discovered several new lead generation ideas that empower operators to generate exclusive and unshared leads by connecting directly to prospects through live chat, direct mail, online surveys, and digital campaigns.

Over 200 senior living communities are using SiteStaff live chat services and are experiencing strong lead and tour conversion as a result. On average, 40% of all chat interactions result in a lead conversion and 20% actually schedule a tour.

Prospects are on your website and live chat is a simple and cost effective way to engage visitors, answer questions, and turn them into a lead or tour.

Choose from two models: a flat-fee or pay-for-performance. Want to learn more?

LeadingResponse has learned that hyper-local events are one of the most effective tactics for getting the right people to hear the right message and take the right action.

LeadingResponse uses RME360, its direct marketing arm, to turn your hyper-local events into revenue-generating tools. RME360’s Seminar Success program has connected more than 17 million consumers to businesses like yours. Here’s how the program sets you up for success:

Keep community sales teams in the selling zone and leave event planning, promotion, and execution to the professionals.

Cut out the middleman and reach senior prospects and their adult children directly by accessing SeniorVu’s database of 82 million contacts. The lead scoring algorithm identifies prospects to best match your resident profile, creating customized email and direct mail campaigns to nurture and convert leads.

SeniorVu combines lead generation, marketing automation, digital automation, live chat, and CRM integration to create higher performance and lower cost leads – guaranteed!


Our Pay for Results Model

This is the industry’s only Pay-Per-Tour lead generation model and here is how it works:

  • Live Chat is activated on community websites – Free 24/7 response staffed by SiteStaff Chat Hosts who are all college educated Americans hired for empathy and professionalism and trained in senior living sales techniques.
  • Once website visitors engage with the chat feature, the chat hosts help visitors navigate the website and answer basic questions. All hosts show empathy and build trust.
  • If the visitor is willing to schedule a tour, chat hosts will book the date/time and notify the community team.
  • If the visitor is not ready to schedule a tour, but provides qualifying contact information required for follow up, the chat hosts will forward the lead to the community team.
  • The community team receives the full transcript and contact information for each lead/tour generated.

The leads and tours generated are exclusive to the community and are not shared or resold to lead aggregators or competitors. (Click to download details on SMARTTour »)

If you’re a Senior Living SMART Corporate Member, this tool is part of your membership package. Not a member? Join now!


Our Flat Monthly Fee Model

SMARTChat turns a website visit into an interactive experience. A visitor to the site simply clicks on a chat icon and can begin instant messaging with a representative of the senior living provider. The goals of the Chat Hosts include:

  • Engaging with a website visitors, providing basic information and answering questions
  • Building enough trust to gather contact information
  • Converting chats into transferred live calls directed to a corporate or community sales team member
  • Second Item
  • Scheduling a tour
Results from 8 months of SMARTChat with Belmont Village:
  • 371 bona fide, financially viable, highly-qualified new prospect leads
  • 86 tours
  • 24 tours converted to move-in
  • 25% MINIMUM savings of traditional lead cost.