Launching The Senior Living Resident Art Contest

Launching The Senior Living Resident Art Contest

Last year, we launched a national resident art contest with the theme of “Holiday Memories” and over 250 amazing senior living residents submitted their artwork. Many Activity Directors use the contest to engage residents, reminisce about favorite and enduring holiday memories and inspire artistic expression. When we kicked off this contest, we really did not know what to expect and what we experienced made us proud and humbled to serve this industry and the greatest generation.

We received submissions from residents representing all senior living lifestyles – Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing and while day-to-day memories may fade, it is clear that underlying talent remains intact. Residents expressed their holiday memories with oils, watercolors, pencils, chalk and one of our winners painted on a porcelain plate. Communities rallied their families and staff to vote for their artist and it was fun to see the excitement build!

Last year, the winning artists had their designs uploaded to SMARTMarketing allowing communities and families to use their image to create custom greeting cards including a bio of the artist. Local media interviewed several of the winning artists, which was very exciting!   This year, we are using Facebook to promote the contest, upload the artwork and manage the voting.

Click here to view last year’s winning artwork and visit our Facebook page for more information about how to get your residents involved.




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