Disrupting Senior Living Marketing with The Studio

Disrupting Senior Living Marketing with The Studio

Until now, senior living marketers were stuck with two options for creating marketing content: spend big bucks with agencies or waste time doing desktop publishing.

We decided to build a better option—an affordable online marketing agency with fully customizable designs ready for personalization.

Think one repository full of all the content a senior living marketer or sales rep would need to launch print and digital campaigns—the copy, the design, and the licensed images. And everything is customizable according to the community’s brand standards.

This was our dream, one that turned into reality when we partnered with Glynn Devins to create The Studio.

The folks at Glynn Devins have the graphic design and copywriting resources, and, together, we have the technology to program art files to allow for variable design.

Talk about a winning combination, right?

The Studio is incredibly intuitive, too:
1. Select items from the content library, like newsletters, direct mail campaigns, email banners, Facebook posts, flyers, and/or postcards.
2. Choose a licensed image or images from the gallery—or upload your own image.
3. Plug in the event details and brand colors and voila! You are done. Preview the finished design and print or download!

The largest senior living providers have had this technology for over ten years.

Why should they have all the fun?

Our mission has always been to level the playing field for all size providers and make best-in-class resources accessible and affordable for everyone.

Interested in seeing a demo of The Studio?
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