Using Data to Uncover New Possibilities in Senior Living

Using Data to Uncover New Possibilities in Senior Living Webinar

Using Incidence Analytics to Identify Market Need

Improving Senior Housing Performance with Precision Market Analytics

We are a data driven world. It can be good or it can be overwhelming. This webinar will highlight three scenarios where data is used to make intelligent business decisions, improve current assets and increase referrals to your communities. Learn how to use incidence data and medication data to improve your business results.

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[WEBINAR] Senior Living Websites: Attract, Engage & Nurture Prospects

Senior Living Websites Should Attract, Engage, and Nurture Prospects

Lead nurturing is the purposeful process of engaging prospects by providing relevant information at each stage of the buyer’s journey. You want to actively move the prospects through your marketing and lead generation efforts, to the point where they become leads. In this webinar, we discuss how to nurture leads. Strategies include targeted content, multi-channel nurturing,  timely follow-ups, and personalization.

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What is Inbound Marketing? And Do I Need It? [Webinar]

Inbound marketing is the tool used to meet today’s customer where they spend most of their time – on the internet. Inbound marketing is all about attracting prospects through relevant and helpful content. It allows senior living communities to add value at every stage in your prospective resident’s journey. It pulls together content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, social media and more to attract prospects to your website.


5 Marketing Trends That Can Generate 5-7 New Move-Ins

5 Marketing Trends That Can Generate 5-7 New Move-Ins! Webinar

This webinar will provide best practices on how to use your event marketing to increase your lead generation and move-ins!

use big data, targeted events and direct mail campaigns to increase qualified prospects and drive occupancy

Using Big Data and Direct Mail Best Practices to Drive Occupancy

By Valerie Whitman, Leading Response and Senior Living SMART

In this information-packed presentation, you’ll learn how to develop immediate move-ins and create a pipeline of exclusive, qualified leads. Reduce reliance on third-party lead generation and use big data, targeted events and direct mail campaigns to increase qualified prospects and reduce resident acquisition costs.


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Mystery Shopping as a Coaching Tool Webinar

Mystery Shopping as a Coaching Tool

This webinar will provide best practices on how to use your mystery shopping as a coaching tool, and take your sales skills to the next level.

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Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine [Webinar]

87% of all senior housing sales begin online, making websites the #1 sales tool for lead generation. Prospects visit a community website an average of 7.8 times during their buying journey. This webinar will demonstrate how to convert anonymous website visitors into exclusive and unshared qualified leads.

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What’s your website already doing well? What can it do better? We start where you are so we can develop a plan to optimize the good while nixing the bad and the ugly.

The Magic of Music

The Magic of Music

There are many ways to engage residents using music in activity programming. Learn about the benefits of integrating music into your programming and how music can make a difference in the lives of your residents.

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Red Carpet Tours Webinar – How To Plan & Execute the Perfect Personalized Tour

By Deborah Howard

This webinar will cover how to really roll out the red carpet for your tours and provide tools to provide a personalized experience and get your whole team engaged! Looking to improve tour conversions and grow occupancy? Then, this webinar is for you!


Execute the perfect tour with planning tools, including forms, signs, staff recognition & post-tour gifts and follow-up resources.

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Delight and Retain Your Residents and Staff with Surveys Done Right [Webinar]

By Lynn & Mark Ackerman

As a senior living community, it is critical to get input from your residents and staff! This webinar breaks down how to perform a successful survey and the benefits your community can take away.

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