7 Questions About The Basics Of Leadership

7 Questions About The Basics Of Leadership

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The basics of being a strong leader has not changed since the beginning of time, and is not likely to do so anytime soon.  We all know what good leadership looks like, tastes like, smells like – and we all know the same about bad leadership. It’s not rocket science – it’s harder

The Lessons of Leadership

The lessons of Leadership 101 are not optional. One cannot become an effective leader without consistently demonstrating the basics. Yet, so many talented, smart people are struggling because somehow they skipped important steps or were pushed up before learning and integrating the BASICS of good leadership.

The havoc that results from ignoring the basics cannot be overstated.

Just a quick look at the headlines should give us all pause – from the political arena, to education, senior living, hospitals, law firms, non-profits, etc. People arrive at the front line, the middle, and the top, not necessarily because they are stellar or even experienced leaders of people. Much more common is all the “necessary” boxes have been checked off for technical skills, certifications, and educational requirements. All head stuff. Emotional intelligence is often mostly or completely ignored. Presto! People who have never led a horse to water are expected to lead people, meetings, and projects, and get great results.

The problem is…the individual star player/performer often arrives on the job without the skills to be a star coach.  Pick any enterprise, profit or non-profit anywhere on the planet, and you will find excellent leadership is the exception not the norm. Sadly, it’s more often by luck than by design, that we have any good or great leaders at all.

I hope reading the 7 Questions of the Basics of Leadership will inspire you to pay more attention to what matters most. I chose these questions because in my experience these are quite often forgotten.

7 Questions of the Basic Leadership

1. What’s the balance of time you spend focused on things (budgets, sales, reports, others’ meetings, files, emails, etc.) compared with the time you spend on your people?

2. Do you often wonder why people say and do things you don’t want them to say and do, and they are surprised you are displeased?

3. Is leading people joyful for you – is it work you look forward to most of the time?

4. How often do you find yourself making assumptions about people before getting to know them well?

5. How much time did you spend THINKING last week – without interruption?

6. How much time do you spend talking to people vs. listening to them?

7. How well do you believe you “walk your talk,” say what you mean, and do what you say?  How do you know if you are right about your self-perception?




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