10 Associate Survey Questions to Get the Real Scoop

10 Associate Survey Questions to Get the Real Scoop

Do you want to better understand your team and associate engagement? Here are 10 survey questions that will provide insight into job satisfaction, motivation, work environment, and peer relationships.

1. Do you have a “best friend” at work?

Having friends at work can greatly affect associates—and the Community. Not only does it increase associate retention, but it also improves culture.

2. Can you count on peers when you need help?

Associates need someone at work they can turn to for help, which is why mentorship programs or “buddy” programs are so important. If an associate knows they have someone they can always turn to, they’ll be more relaxed and comfortable. This is especially important within the first 90 days when we see the most turnover.

3. Do you feel you have the opportunity to improve your skills?

For associates to thrive, they need to be challenged. Associates who are challenged and have opportunities to grow and improve skills do not think of their role as “just a job.”

4. How would you rate the way your organization makes use of your strengths?

This question gives insight into how well you’re utilizing your associates to their full potential. Your associates likely have strengths that you’ll learn about over time. Make sure you have a plan for capitalizing on these strengths as they reveal themselves.

5. Do you have the opportunity to grow within your organization?

Having a career plan that also includes personal growth is one of the keys to associate engagement. Managers should be having regular conversations about goals and the future with their associates. This can be especially important with line staff who may not see an opportunity to grow and will often leave jobs because they want a change.

6. Do you feel like you can share your honest thoughts with your manager?

Associates should feel safe to talk openly and honestly. By removing fear, you help associates remain engaged.

7. Do you feel like recognition is meaningful when you receive it?

Receiving “general” recognition may not have the same impact as commendation for specific performance goals and ideals.

8. Do you feel like you have everything you need to do your job?

You want your associates to have the tools, resources, and support they need to be successful. A great example is the housekeeper who was written up because the common areas carpeting wasn’t clean – only to find out she was working with a broken vacuum cleaner.

9. On a scale from 1-5, how likely are you to recommend your organization as a good place to work?

The thinking behind this question is that if an associate truly likes an organization, they will recommend it to their friends.

10. Do you feel like your organization protects its associates from discrimination?

Associates need to feel psychologically safe in their work environment to be able to succeed. If an associate feels like they are being discriminated against, unsafe, or harassed—it is critical that it is addressed promptly and with great care.

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