10 Lessons Executive Directors Can Learn From Star Trek

10 Lessons Executive Directors Can Learn From Star Trek

Have you seen Star Trek? If you haven’t already, make it a “to-do” in the near future because Executive Directors in the Senior Living industry can learn a lot about marketing and operations.

Here are the 10 lessons Executive Directors can learn from Star Trek.

1.   Humans are highly illogical 

Sometimes what people say and do – just doesn’t make any sense. When interacting with residents, families and employees look for the meaning behind their sometimes irrational moments.

2.   Seek out new life and new civilizations

Look for new, different and better ways to get the job done. Are there new referral sources you haven’t explored? How can you improve your dining? Is there technology that would create a better experience for everyone? Be open to new ideas.

3.  “I’m giving it all she’s got captain..I can’t give you anymore!”

Always have a Scotty on your team – they under promise but over deliver

4.   Beam me down

Captain Kirk always accompanied his away team on missions. Don’t ask your team to do something that you won’t.

5.   Make It So

Planning and preparation are great – but at some point you have to execute.

6.   Live Long and Prosper

Occupancy isn’t just move-ins. It’s also managing your move-outs. Taking good care of your residents will help improve their quality of life and your lengths of stay.

7.    Keep Your Phasers Set On Stun

Be ready for anything – and make sure you have a crisis and emergency plan in place.

8.    “I’m a Doctor – not a magician”

There are going to be times when it’s “all hands on deck.” But too often we expect results from others outside of their skill and comfort zone. Make sure that your team is given realistic expectations.

9.    Engage!

Being out and about with staff and residents is the best way to show support and know what’s going on in your community.

10.  Beam Me Up

Sometimes you need a break. Know when to say when. Whether it’s a walk around the block or taking a much needed vacation. Know when to beam up!

Are there any other lessons Executive Directors can pull from watching Star Trek that they could use in the senior living industry? 


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